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Summer Camps

At Magic Kinder Preschool in Lithia, our summer camps are designed to keep your child engaged while they’re out of school for the summer. Our camp is a mix of sports and active play balanced with enrichment activities to provide them with an exciting summer. Make sure you get your child’s spot reserved now!

Summer is great! No school, no homework, and freedom for your kids to have fun! But what if you are a working parent and your child needs somewhere to go while school is not is not in session? Or what if you find that your child seems to get bored during the summer without a schedule and planned activities? Magic Kinder Preschool has you covered!

Keep Your Child Engaged -- Summer Camp @ Magic Kinder Preschool

We provide summer camp for kids ages 5 to 12. Camp is a great way to keep your child engaged through the summer with planned, exciting activities to look forward to. Our summer camp runs from 9 AM until 5 PM. The best part? You never have to worry what your child is getting into or where they are. Rest easy knowing that your child is safe and in wonderful hands with us. Transportation is available, as well as all meals, breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks.

Register for our summer camp for kids today to ensure that your child has their spot reserved for a summer they won’t forget. At Magic Kinder Preschool, your child is not just another kid, they are part of our family. Summer camp means days packed with sports, swimming, water parks, arts and crafts, and more! Your child can enjoy our theater room, dance classes, and so much more!   Sign your child up today to ensure summer days are packed with fun and excitement. There is never a dull moment with us! Make this summer one they look forward to.

Camp Provides Summer Activities for Kids

Whether you send your kid to a day camp with your regular daycare or you send them to a week-long overnight science camp, the activities provided will usually include a day full of outdoor activities. This keeps children active and ensures that they are getting the suggested amount of physical activity to prevent diabetes and childhood obesity.

Summer Camp Encourages Ongoing Learning.

Studies suggest that kids can lose nearly 2 months worth of math learning, and weeks worth of reading comprehension over summer break if they are not mentally stimulated and challenged. During summer camp, simply staying active and engaging in a variety of activities helps to keep the mind active and the “thinking juices flowing,” as they say. During the school year, a majority of learning is conducted through reading and writing, but, while at summer camp, kids learn through action, by doing!

Summer Programs Teach Teamwork

If your child has several siblings at home, they may have already gained some sense of forced teamwork that is reinforced with other students at school. However, in summer programs, children must learn to hone their teamwork skills to be successful in recreational activities offered in the program. These teamwork skills are better learned outside of the home when children are outside of their comfort zone.

Summer Camp Helps Children Learn Independence.

While we just discussed how children learn teamwork, it seems contradictory to mention that they learn independence. However, independence is learned when children, with the help of their peers, must figure out challenges and attempt new things, while taking responsibility for their actions and sharing space with “strangers,” helps a child learn what they are capable of. When they come home, they may be more willing to clean their own room and help you with other household chores or make decisions about everyday activities.

Summer Programs Expand Social Circles

Your child has their current social circle that likely includes family, classmates, neighbors, and other members of extracurricular activities or after school programs. At summer camp, kids will meet a new collection of people that they will be allowed to explore with and develop close relationships quickly. These friendships typically last and turn into pen-pal or long distance friendships that can be rekindled the following year at camp.

Summer camps offer a variety of benefits for both you and your children including psychological, physical, and educational benefits. If you want more than a lazy summer for your children, enroll them in a summer camp program today.