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The Best Preschool Provides New Discoveries Every Day
Our Preschool program marks an exciting time for these almost "school-aged" kids! When looking for the best preschool for your child, make sure the classroom is designed to provide an environment that is conducive to social interaction and observation that leads to discovery. We employ the theories of Jean Piaget, a French behavioral psychologist whose work focused on the cognitive development of children. Piaget believed that a child moves through the stages of development by experiencing their world, and learning from those interactions. Which is a research-based early learning curriculum that truly empowers our teachers to make learning fun!

At Magic Kinder Preschool, we focus on encouraging children to sharpen their problem-solving skills, we give them opportunities to work collaboratively and on their own, and we generally foster a love of learning while we prepare them for kindergarten, both from an emotional and educational standpoint. Our projects allow preschool children to explore their world and cement the skills needed for school with hands-on activities. Our teachers lead the children's growth with kindness and encouragement.

The Best Early Education For Your Preschool Child

At Magic Kinder Preschool, we believe the child’s early years are best supported by a stimulating learning environment with interactive lessons focused on important developmental milestones.

Our families find our program to be a fun and engaging experience that focuses on providing an academic & nurturing environment. We strive to build a strong community with our families through communication, parent involvement, and school activities.

Our staff consists of professional, loving teachers who promote high academic standards while keeping STEAM + L as an integral part of their day. Teachers focus on learning models that integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math & Literacy throughout the day to make learning fun & exciting. Our dedicated classrooms are the absolute best for children to fully immerse themselves in each of these core subjects.

Our classrooms include learning centers full of ways for children to explore, investigate, and build problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Our teachers facilitate these self-directed practices with small & large group experiences that provide children the tools they need to grow and develop naturally. Our teachers are highly trained & committed to our curriculum design. We strive to develop the most well-rounded students and nurture their inquiring minds.

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