curious baby boy studying nursery room

Infants (6 weeks - 14 mos.)

The first year of your infant’s life is a busy one that includes taking huge strides when it comes to his physical, social, and emotional development. Our Infant classroom is dedicated to creating a nurturing and safe environment for your infant to grow and learn. Every infant has his own disposition and develops at his own pace, which is why Magic Kinder Preschool infant curriculum is individualized for each of our infants. Our highly trained and educated infant teachers combine developmentally appropriate activities with the social-emotional love and support your infant needs to grow and develop into a confident life-long learner.


Pre-2's (15mos. - 2yrs)

Our precious pre-two’s welcome new challenges as they advance into the next phase of development and our child care activities are designed to promote this growth. Toddlers love to be with their little friends, enjoy walking, climbing, crawling, and marching with musical instruments. Learning to recognize their alphabets, numbers, shapes, and colors is all part of another happy day at Magic Kinder Preschool.

Children boys playing with wooden train set

Terrific Two's!

Our two year old classroom is separated for optimum learning, which includes reading readiness, phonemic awareness, learning numbers, and recognition of colors and shapes. Listening to stories, singing songs, developing their language skills, and enhancing their vocabulary are all part of the preparation for continual progress in our learning environment.

Group Of Elementary Age Children In Art Class With Teacher

3 Years - Preschool

Our three year old program is structured to help your child learn socially and cognitively as well as continuing language development. Our theme based daily curriculum will include stories, singing, creative art, letters, numbers, months, picture cards, colors, and shapes. Magic Kinder Preschool understands that it is an exciting and challenging time for children. At this age they are naturally inquisitive, take pride in doing things independently and love to be praised for it! They are learning new words, simple sentences and nonverbal communication, as well as developing and refining gross and fine motor skills.

Pre Kindergarten

VPK - Pre Kindergarten

Every aspect of our Pre-K classroom is designed to enhance and develop the natural learning ability of your precious child. We begin our school year with reviewing letters, numbers, shapes, colors, literacy, and tracing letters.

Our children then progress towards phonemic awareness and writing skills. They learn that each letter has a sound and those sounds are blended to form words, which is the foundation for reading readiness. We also work on math skills beginning with number recognition, number sequencing, number patterns, and simple addition and subtraction. About half way through the school year children are bringing home books to read with their parents. At the end of our program your child will be reading and writing on their own, even before they go to kindergarten. Your child will exclaim “Look mom & dad, I can read!”


E - Learning/Before & After Care

Magic Kinder Preschool can help parents with the new school year when it comes to hybrid e-learning assistance. Our staff will assist your child with their class work on e-learning days. Reach out to us for more information, act fast, assistance for childcare & e-learning are booking fast!

So much has happened over the last few months, we all have a little rebuilding to do! Our teachers and staff are here to support your family as children get back into the groove of learning and socializing.